Know someone looking for a professional photographer?

If you’re one of my past or existing clients, your referrals are the biggest compliment but there’s also a perk for you!

“Give” $25 to a friend and earn a $25 credit towards a future session with Nicole Forbes Photography!

How it works:

1. Send your friends my way! Yes, Facebook referrals count, too ;)

2. Your friend mentions that they were referred by YOU

3. They will get $25 towards their session

4. After their session is completed, you will get notified that you’ve earned a $25 credit to use towards a future session with Nicole Forbes Photography

5. Redeem your rewards within one (1) calendar year of earning

Rules and Regulations

  • This program is open only to past and existing clients of Nicole Forbes Photography. To be eligible to receive a referral credit you must be a client that has booked and paid for a session or have had a previous session with NFP.
  • Referred client MUST purchase a session with NFP to receive their reward. If they book and then cancel their session, the credit is forfeited.
  • This reward carries no cash value and is not transferrable. It can only be used towards future sessions and can only be used by the referrer.
  • Cannot be used towards prior purchases or bookings.
  • If multiple clients refer the same friend (example: via a Facebook thread), the reward will go to whomever the Referee mentions at booking.
  • Referee MUST fully pay and complete their session in order for the Referrer to receive the credit towards a future session.
  • Only VIP CLIENT LIST can accrue rewards, so there’s no limit as to how much credit you can earn.
  • Accrued rewards MUST be used within one (1) calendar year of your referral’s completed session.

VIp client list

If you are a repeat client of Nicole Forbes Photography and will remain using NFP in the future, you will be chosen for this list.

Once you are a part of this VIP list, you will receive a 10% off coupon code to use on all future (full) sessions, first dibs on all mini sessions, and unlimited referral perks. The more sessions you book, the more likely you'll be selected!

Once you are chosen for this list, you will be notified.

Limited spots available.

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