in home newborn

tips, tricks + faqs

Ive put together a page of common questions I've received over the years to make things easier for you.

There are also some helpful tips for those of you who have already booked. This will ensure our time together goes smoothly.

Please be sure to follow the tips as closely as you can and I am always here to answer any other questions you may have.

What does lifestyle mean?

Authentic, natural, a little more true to life. I’m NOT a photographer who is going to overly pose your newborn. I WILL swaddle them and photograph them in the nursery or maybe on your bed. I WILL shoot to document all of those tiny details. I WILL ask you to hold them, look at them, kiss them, love them. I’m photographing your new family as your are, where you are most comfortable – at home.


Since we are shooting for more natural images, there is less pressure to shoot in the first 7-10 days post delivery. I love to give families the time that they need to be ready for in home sessions. Every delivery is different and sometimes newborns and mamas need a few extra days to settle into home and bounce back from it all. So I aim to schedule in the first 7-14 days but I have to tell you guys that one month is just as good. So… go with your gut and choose a date that works for you.


When you book a newborn session, I use your due date as a temporary placeholder on my calendar. I only take a certain number of newborn sessions each month because your sweet babies arrivals are a little hard to predict. I take a great deal of pride in truly being there, and being flexible for the families who choose me from all of the other talented photographers in the area to best serve them all I make sure not to over book myself.


Generally I’m shooting in home newborn sessions on weekday mornings. My weekend availability gets snagged up pretty fast by families, especially in the Fall months. If you MUST shoot on a weekend though, I can make it work! There’s a good chance that you will still be figuring your newborn and their “schedule” out by the time I arrive. Light will also play a role in our start time, whenever possible. If there is ZERO natural light coming into a room that you know you want to shoot in during the morning hours, we will most likely move the session to accommodate!

What do i wear?

Lifestyle sessions are meant to be relaxed, so choosing an outfit you feel comfortable in is the best way to go.

For parents, I suggest colors that coordinate, but not match. With your sweet little baby being the focus of the session, neutral colors tend to work best, steering away from logo'd t-shirts or bold patterns. Casual clothing is perfect and bare feet look most natural in a home setting.

For baby, I encourage keeping babies in simple outfits or plain fitted onesies. A few cute accessories like a headband, bow or a favorite hat are always encouraged. Try and avoid any neons or colors that will cast unflattering light on baby skin. Neutrals, neutral print/stripes are always best! Parents and siblings – Same goes with neutrals, or at least avoiding colors that cast unnatural color onto skintones! Wear something comfortable (especially mamas), but something that you want to see in photographs.

Whatever you choose, know that you look beautiful - and you have an absolutely wonderful reason to be doing a photo shoot!

How should we prepare?

Tidy up

Don't panic! Please do not feel like your house needs to be spotless. Just tidy up a few key places in your home where we can take pictures without any distracting clutter in the background. Shove it in a closet, I won't judge.

keep it warm

Newborns have a tough time regulating their body temperature and during our session we may want to get some sweet shots of baby stripped down to their diaper. Turn off AC or crank the heat to about 75 a half hour before to ensure baby is warm and snuggly throughout our time together.

lights out

I do ask, prior to my arrival, that all blinds and curtains are opened and overhead lights turned off to help me locate the best lighting.

Feed + Change baby

Continue to feed your baby how you normally would, but we may need to be flexible during the session. A fed baby is a happy and sleepy baby, so they may need to eat more often during the session than they normally do. We can take as many breaks as needed for feedings - these can make for some beautiful mom + baby shots.

What to expect on your session day?

When I arrive, I love to catch up on what has been going on since we last saw each other. This is also the time when I get to meet baby for the first time! This moment brings so much joy and it really sets the mood for both myself and the family for our time together. I will ask for a tour of your home so that I can see where the light is falling. Then, we begin. We will shoot in 2-3 rooms of your home – typically those that are the most comfortable and have the most window light (the nursery, master bedroom and family room are some of the most popular).

I take cues on timeline from the baby – it’s best to be flexible! If he/she is hungry when I arrive, I will start with feeding and changing shots. If he/she’s sleeping soundly, we’ll start with crib and nursery, full-room shots of the entire family together. Some families like half-naked shots with just a diaper or onesie on to really capture their teeny-ness, other prefer to keep them swaddled or bundled up in their favorite outfit. I will do my best to get eyes closed and eyes open during this stage of the session to give you variety and show off every little tiny detail of your newborn!

Although this is a lifestyle session, I do offer guidance on posing and timeline to help clients feel more comfortable. I do not put a time limit on these sessions, but they typically last from 1 to 2 hours. Sometimes baby sleeps through the entire shoot and we finish up quickly. Sometimes baby needs to eat or needs a new diaper, or there are a few outfits we’d like to change them into throughout our time together, and it takes a bit longer. One of the best parts about these sessions is we get to take our time and be flexible without worry of time limitations!

I hope this helps you prep and plan for your at-home session! Any questions/comments may be left below – hope to see you soon!

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